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Jovie May was bred to Boomer Adi and we are expecting puppies! Her due date is December 21st and puppies will be able to go home around Valentine's day weekend. This will be Jovie's first litter and should yield red and black stock coat and long coat puppies. They should have a medium drive with medium energy, suitable for a pet home or an active home. If you would like to be put on our wait list for this litter, please contact us here or submit an application here. For more information on the sire and dam, please click here.

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Puppy Information

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful dogs! The puppies are raised in our home, spending every day with their littermates, momma and us. We enjoy time with the puppies daily, encouraging new experiences and lots of playtime. We consider it a privilege to help raise them, from the moment they take their first breath until we send them off with you to their new home. Every puppy impacts our life, and we wouldn't have it any other way!


All puppies will come with a puppy gift bag, be on a deworming schedule, have up to date vaccinations, will be microchipped and will have had a vet check up. Puppies will be ready to go home once they are 8 weeks old.


The price for each puppy is $2,000, $500 of that is a non-refundable deposit due once you have chosen which puppy you would like.


We would like to offer a $200 discount towards the purchase of a puppy to all military service members, firefighters, police officers, 911 dispatchers and EMS personnel. Thank you for your service, both past and present!

We would also like to thank repeat customers and offer a $200 discount towards the purchase of an additional puppy!

Please let us know if any of these discounts apply to you prior to coming to see the puppies. Please bring a valid badge or identification of service with you when you come to pick up your puppy. 

Unfortunately, discounts can not be combined.

AKC Registration

All of our puppies are sold with limited AKC registration. We will happily offer full AKC registration at no additional charge when the following criteria are met:

-The puppy must not have whelped/sired a litter

-The puppy must be over 2 (two) years of age

-The puppy must have quality X-rays taken by a certified veterinarian of both their hips and elbows and sent to the OFA for certification/grading.

-The grading given by the OFA for both hips and elbows must return as Normal/Passing

-A copy of the OFA certificate must be emailed to us along with a request for full registration

-We will authorize full registration for the puppy at no additional charge

Why do we require certified hips for full AKC Registration?

Full AKC registration gives the owner of the dog the ability to breed AKC papered puppies. We feel very strongly that a German Shepherd Dog that doesn't have their hips certified should not be breeding, as they could potentially be passing along poor hip alignment or even hip dysplasia to their offspring. In order to help rid the German Shepherd breed of hip dysplasia, we will only give full AKC registration to the dogs that meet the above listed criteria. 

 We believe in the quality of our puppies and know you will be pleased with your German Shepherd. Please click here to contact us with any questions you may have!

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