While we believe every family should experience the joy of having a dog, we understand that a German Shepherd may not be the right dog for everyone. Your German Shepherd dog will have instinctive traits and needs, and they can become destructive very quickly if these are not met. This will require time, energy and intentionality from you and your family.


One of these traits is intelligence. Because German Shepherds are very smart dogs, training is not difficult. You will find that they have a desire to perform a task and a desire to learn whatever you ask of them. However, they can develop bad habits if they are left to get bored with no new challenges. This will require time and creativity from you and your family. Things like creating new games or involving your dog in weekly training classes are helpful to keep their mind active.


Being headstrong and stubborn is another trait of German Shepherds. They will challenge your authority in some obvious, and some not so obvious ways. In order to be a successful owner and leader, everyone in the household will have to be authoritative, firm and consistent.


German Shepherds are also a very loyal and protective breed, so it is very important to properly socialize your dog from an early age on. This requires taking your puppy on many new adventures, so they will find themselves in new situations and meeting new people and animals. This helps to ensure that your dog grows up to have a healthy temperament and not become aggressive towards new things. 

There are many more traits that the German Shepherd dog possesses, both that will bring joy along with challenge you. If you feel that you are still up for this rewarding challenge, then please click below to fill out an application. You will also find our Puppy Contract and Lifetime Care Agreement. 



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