Breeding for the wellness of you and your German Shepherd Dog

Our goal is to breed a dog with a long, healthy lifespan who is also your family companion and loyal protector. We take pride in the health and pedigree of the bloodlines in our dogs, and only breed AKC German Shepherd Dogs that pass our health requirements (please click to see our health testing page). We have no doubt that you will be pleased with the drive, loyalty, protectiveness, intelligence and stunning coat of your Hubbard German Shepherd Dog.


about us

Hello and welcome to Hubbard German Shepherds. We are located in beautiful Western Washington and are a husband and wife team. We have always admired the German Shepherd Dog, and after careful planning and research, got our first one a few years ago. We instantly fell in love with the breed, admiring the loyalty and intelligence. 

We breed western German lines, typically known for their beautiful coat and medium drive. They do not possess the intense working drive found in eastern German lines, making our puppies great family pets. We have no American lines in our dogs and health test all our breeding dogs. When fully grown, adult males should weigh around 85 pounds and adult females should weigh around 65 pounds.

Thank you for visiting our page and sharing in our excitement for our pups! Please contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to answer as many as we can!


Thank you and God bless!

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Puyallup, WA

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